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AK Coolroom and Freezer Hire’s Corporate Environmental Responsibilities

Coolroom Sustainability

AK Coolroom and Freezer Hire have long standing relationships with many charitable organisations right here in Melbourne. Whether it’s providing discounted refrigeration, or donating our time, money and efforts to their individual causes, we are always looking for new opportunities to get involved in our community.

For the past 15 years we have worked with The Good Friday Appeal as a backend refrigeration supplier to help ensure this event is a Victorian success. We are very proud of our contributions to this ongoing cause both as a provider and personal donator. There is always such a great feeling of spirit on the Good Friday Appeal day and a huge sense of unity and community, which is what AK Coolroom & Freezer Hire is all about.

In January 2020 we participated with The Boss Experience to donate refrigeration for a community event that raised $210,000.00 for bush fire relief.

In March 2020 we provided many discounted Coolrooms and Freezers to our states Hospitals, The Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels and local councils to support the community efforts to help with the many changes our society has experienced as a result of the Covid situation.

In June 2020 we partnered with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce to assist with additional refrigeration to support the lockdown of the North Melbourne/Flemington Housing Towers.

In December 2019 we were donors for the bush fire relief providing refrigeration across Victoria. We also donated to the cause via The Red Cross and WIRES.

When the community around us is in crisis we will always be on hand to assist with emergency service refrigeration in any way we can. If we all work together the future will be a brighter, cleaner, more respectful and humane place. We are all STRONG together!

Coolroom Sustainability

Community Support Bush Fire relief

Coolroom Sustainability

Victorian Chamber of Commerce - support in North Melbourne