AK Coolroom and Freezer Hire – Prices

AK Coolroom & Freezer Hire offers competitive rates across Metropolitan Melbourne and the wider Melbourne region. Our professional service ensures you have choices of delivery across weekends and weekdays, 24/7. Most importantly our Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration will ensure your product is always stored to meet with Australia’s Food Safety Standards.

Prices are dependent on varying factors including the following:

  • Type of unit you require
  • Duration of Hire
  • Delivery location
  • Time of delivery (standard courier hours are between 9.00am – 4.00pm weekdays)
  • Requirements of delivery outside of standard delivery hours (out of hours)

AK Coolroom & Freezer Hire is a professional service and can delivery anytime, day or night, to meet with your hire needs. We offer flexible hours of delivery across weekdays and weekend days. We are always happy to work in with you, to set up your events or hires to suit your needs. Due to this flexibility our prices vary depending on your individual requirements. We offer short term and longer-term hire to all our clients and will work in with you to ensure your hire needs are covered.

Our AK Coolroom Hire Promise

  • Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration that meet with National Building Codes
  • Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration that meet with Australian Food Safety regulations Australian safety standards.
  • Prompt, Reliable and Efficient Service
  • 24/7 Call Out Service
  • OHS Compliant
  • Electrically Compliant, Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration
  • Food Safety Compliant
  • Short- and Long-Term Hire Options
  • Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration undergoes a full Food Safety/Covid Clean and Sanitise after each and every hire
  • A Pre-Hire check is undertaken on Coolrooms, Freezers and Display Refrigeration before arrival to your site
  • 30mt registered and electrical tagged extension lead provided with each hire
  • Padlock available on request
  • Trailer Coolrooms and Freezer fitted with draw bar locks and wheel clamps
  • Choice of Shelving options available (we don’t charge extra for shelving)
  • Certificate of Currency for Public Liability available on request at the time of booking
  • Price on Application depending on your hire needs

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